Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kemasek Beach

Salam. I went for outstation to the east cost for a week. My first pit stop was Kuantan, to meet up with colleagues from Kuantan branch. After I’ve settled all my work in Kuantan, I headed my way to Kuala Terengganu. I’ve forgotten many of the places along the route as I have not using this route for 5 years ago.

Kemasek beach is one of my shooting place for the day. Situated in Paka, Dungun, Terengganu. It’s sandy beach is unique with its rocky headland and lagoon. Most of the fishermen were repairing their boats for fishing while monsoon season are still blowing from the east.click here for my gallery

Monday, June 15, 2009

Raudhah Herb Product Shoot

on the way to my office, I received a call from Mr. Eddie, asking for product shooting quotations. I cannot talk longer with Mr. Eddie as I was driving in a busy street and asked him to email me the details. After a week Mr. Eddie agreed and arrange halfday time for shooting at their office.

Raudhah Herb is a new made in Malaysia products with HALAL certification. Fully owned by Malay entrepreneur, the basic ingredients for their products are nourished with honey, raisins, pandan and dates.

These photo shoots are used for their banners for road shows, to introduce their products around Malaysia.


photo by fadil


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fatin Maisarah

This photo was taken around Japanese Village, Berjaya Hills, or previously known as Bukit Tinggi, when Sarah was so excited playing while Reen and I was searching for views to shoot. Who knows, maybe there will be customers interested to shoot their photos here.

It was a hot sunny day and we all forgot to bring water, except Sarah’s ‘botol air sedut’. My daughter was very active and it’s quite difficult to shoot her photo, as she’s constantly moving around. I can only get her shot from a long range.

Reception : Fauzan & Hidayah

Salam, aku kenal fauzan ni masa dia tinggal di gombak setia, masa tu duk dgn abang2 dia yang agak sengal aku rasa... hehehe. nak katakan dari abang yg sulung sampai ke adek dia aku mmg kenal. Hidayah pula aku kenal masa aku buat open house tahun 2007. masa tu fauzan bawak datang rumah utk dikenal kan pada kawan2, hehehehe.... 4 bulan sebelum nikah fauzan dah inform dia nak kahwin dgn org melaka, cuma tarikh masa tu tak kompom lagi dgn aku. dah tinggal sebulan fauzan pon kompom dgn aku tarikh dan segala agenda dihari majlis nye nanti.