Monday, July 13, 2009

Ayu & Azli Reception : Tok Bali

For my shoots this time, is for a friend who I’ve known for quite so long, when I am still actively involved in the outdoor world. “Kecik” is his nickname, and I guess, most of our friends do not know his real name. Most of the hikers knew “Kecik”, as his nickname fitted his physical. I used to assign “Kecik” as our runner to the campsite in most of our trips.

For this time around, I am with “Kecik” not for our outdoor activities, but for his wedding reception in Tok Bali. Tok Bali is a famous beach and fishermen village located in Kelantan.

After office hour on Thursday, I rushed with my family to Tok Bali. We only stopped at Raub for our Halal Chinese cuisine dinner (yummy..), and take 5 at Gua Musang and Kuala Krai. We arrived at Cherang Ruku, Tok Bali around 2 in the morning.

I only get a few hours of sleep after driving for 8 hours from KL. That same morning, the “Akad Nikah” ceremony was held at a nearby Mosque. I arranged the outdoor shooting in the evening, so that I could took my wife and daughter to KB for shopping.

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